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May 18 - Events

May 18th Details:
May 18th Events:
1152 – Henry II of England marries Eleanor of Aquitaine.
1268 – Battle of Antioch - Principality of Antioch falls to the Mamluk Sultan Baibars.
1302 – Bruges Matins - massacre of the French garrison in Bruges by members of the local Flemish militia.
1498 – Vasco da Gama reaches the port of Calicut, India.
1593 – Arrest warrant for Christopher Marlowe following playwright Thomas Kyd's accusations of heresy.
1631 – John Winthrop becomes the first Governor of Massachusetts.
1652 – Slavery - Rhode Island passes the 1st law in North America making slavery illegal.
1756 – Seven Years' War starts when Great Britain declares war on France.
1803 – United Kingdom revokes the Treaty of Amiens & declares war on France (Napoleonic Wars).
1804 – The French Senate proclaim Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of the French.
1811 – Battle of Las Piedras.
1812 – John Bellingham is found guilty & sentenced to death for the assassination of Spencer Perceval (British Prime Minister).
1843 – Free Church of Scotland disruption from the Church of Scotland.
1848 – First German National Assembly (Nationalversammlung) is opened in Frankfurt, Germany.
1860 – Abraham Lincoln wins the Republican Party presidential nomination over William H. Seward.
1863 – The Siege of Vicksburg begins (American Civil War).
1896 – Khodynka Tragedy - panic on Khodynka Field in Moscow related to the festivities of the coronation of Russian Tsar Nicholas II.
1897 – Bram Stoker is publishes the novel Dracula.
1900 – United Kingdom proclaims a protectorate over Tonga.
1910 – The Earth passes through the tail of Comet Halley.
1917 – The Selective Service Act of 1917 is passed - gives the President of the United States the power of conscription (World War I).
1927 – The Bath School Disaster in Michigan.
1933 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs an act creating the Tennessee Valley Authority.
1944 – Battle of Monte Cassino conclusion.
1944 – Soviet Union government deports Crimean Tatars.
1948 – First Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China officially convenes in Nanking.
1955 – Operation Passage to Freedom ends.
1956 – First ascent of Lhotse (mountain).
1958 – F-104 Starfighter sets a world speed record of 2,259.82 km/h (1,404.19 mph).
1959 – National Liberation Committee of Côte d'Ivoire launches in Conakry, Guinea.
1969 – Apollo 10 is launched.
1974 – Project Smiling Buddha - India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon.
1974 – Completion of the Warsaw radio mast.
1980 – Eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington, United States.
1980 – Gwangju Massacre - students in Gwangju, South Korea begin demonstrations for democratic reforms.
1990 – Modified TGV train, in France, achieves a new rail world speed record of 515.3km/h (320.2 mph).
1991 – Northern Somalia declares independence from Somalia as the Republic of Somaliland - however is not recognised by the international community.
1992 – Announcement of the Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution.
1993 – EU - riots in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
2006 – Landmark bill curtailing the power of the monarchy & making Nepal a secular country.
2009 – Sri Lankan Civil War - LTTE are defeated by the Sri Lankan government.

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